Professional Readiness Exam

PRE Information and Advocacy in Michigan
The purpose of this site is to provide information and resources for pre-service teachers and teacher educators in Michigan. This site focuses specifically on the Professional Readiness Exam, a Pearson-developed basic skills test that Michigan pre-service teachers in all subject areas and grade levels must pass, usually as an admission to their college of education program. Since the PRE was implemented in 2013, Michigan teacher preparation institutions have seen low pass rates, leaving many teacher candidates in limbo, unable to pass the test even after multiple attempts.  The most challenging component has been the Writing subtest, and this site is dedicated specifically to this problem, acting as a clearinghouse for resources and strategies adopted by universities and colleges around Michigan. 

Because many teacher educators in Michigan believe the PRE to be an unfair measure of teacher preparedness, this site also serves as a tool for political advocacy. In this regard, this site and the Michigan organizations it represents are committed to finding a better, more equitable way to assess teacher readiness.